As the Community Manager for Blogger, I interacted with bloggers on a daily basis. The first question they asked me was inevitably the same: "How do I get more followers?"

As a new blogger, it is difficult to get share your blog and get followers, which is one the main motivations for bloggers to continue blogging. While I was working on Blogger as the Community Manager, I noticed this trend high-quality blogs and posts, as both a way to share good content, but also to inspire bloggers to create better posts.

A discovery portal for Bloggers would help new bloggers since inspiration and like-minded bloggers to connect with. I brought up this opportunity to the Product Manager of Blogger, and he asked me to develop some concepts. I teamed up with the UX Designer of Blogger to develop some initial sketches, and then I created a set of wireframes and visual designs of the feature.







First, I looked for examples of other sites that exposed content really well. Out of the informal competitive analysis, I decided to model my concepts on Pocket, which is an app that allows readers to save interesting webpages and articles to a folder and read it from their connected mobile device later. 


Next, I explored some other content display ideas, such as the Netflix model, because of the importance of exposing categories. 


Lastly, I mocked up what an article might look like, once it's been selected. An engineer became interested in the project but didn't yet have time for it, so I created redline specs for the concepts so that he could work on it whenever he had the chance.