3 weeks

Conceptual modeling
Visual design

Conceptual models are abstractions of something that happens in reality. They are conceived to explain the relationship between people, resources, and activities taking place. For a course on Designing for Service, I brainstormed different conceptual models based on the things that I have observed or experienced. After discussing our sketches with classmates, we turned one model into a digital poster.

In my initial sketches, I explored a wide range of topics, including transportation, vacation planning, career planning, music players, and carwash options.


The conceptual model that resonated the most with my classmates during the critique session was one about the players and relationships involved in healthcare plans, when it came to three basic tasks: going to see the doctor, getting a medicine prescription, and buying the medicine from a pharmacy. I wanted to highlight the key actors in a traditional HMO plan and how they related to each other. 

First I just showed the relationship between each actor or entity. Then I highlighted the type of good or service exchanged.


After rendering the model in Illustrator, I decided to map out two other alternatives to a traditional HMO plan: no insurance and High-Deductible PPO. I had experience all three of these healthcare options in the span of two years, so I was pretty familiar with the ins and outs, ups and downs, of each option.