Individual + small group component

4 weeks

Competitive Analysis (group)
Design Language
Visual design

For the final project in our Interaction Design Fundamentals course, we needed to investigate e-magazines in a certain domain and find an opportunity where we can introduce something new to the space. I chose gardening and identified urban gardening as an area of opportunity. The magazine I designed is meant to appeal to urban young professionals who have spending power and an interest in creating a greener living space. 



First, in groups of 4-5, we investigated one of 5 magazine domain spaces (travel, personal finance, gardening, and desserts). Each group researched and presented to the class where they thought there would be areas of opportunities to introduce a new e-magazine. I was assigned to the group that investigated dessert magazines and created a presentation of the competitive space and unique design elements [pdf]. Ultimately, I was most excited about creating a new e-magazine in the gardening space, so I used the competitive analysis created by another group.



Based on the competitive analysis, I decided to focus on a young, urban professional userbase who wanted to bring more natural elements into their urban homes. This group also has a lot of purchasing power, so they would appeal to advertisers. 



Next, I looked through design, architecture, and lifestyle magazines to draw inspiration for the design language of the magazine. On the top-left corner of the mood board are hearten colors found in nature, and as you move from there to the bottom-right corner, the those colors become incorporated into homes that treat nature as an accent to their otherwise modern decor.




Next, I created a simple design language, consisting of header and body type, colors, and textures that I incorporated into the final design. Based on the mood board, there are many earthen tones and textures, such as the green leaves and the brown boards. I also added a couple of more saturated colors -- blue and magenta -- to bring a freshness that would appeal to younger audiences.




For the final layout, I created the cover, a table of contents, an example of a title page, an example of a single-page article, and finally, a three-page feature.


Title page

Table of contents

One-page article


For the feature article layout, I reintroduced the magenta color that was used in the table of contents and used it as a common thread between the pages of this article. I was able to find many high-quality images relating to the landscape artist/botanist Patrick Blanc, so I created the layout around the images.

The first page introduces the artist and his most recent masterpiece in a glamorous, intriguing night shot. Since it's the only circle, the photo of Blanc stands out among the other images in the spread. The second page shows Blanc's process, including a black-and-white image that details his blueprint. Lastly, the final page shows the final product in a couple of different angles.

Feature article