For a design course at Carnegie Mellon called Mapping and Diagramming, we designed a series of posters about various topics (some assigned, some by personal choice) to explain aspects of our lives and our interests.



Since I am a big fan of avocados, for my final project, I decided to research avocado imports to the United States in the last decade. I found some great data at the Hass Avocado Board, and I did some research to explain the trends and spikes based on that data. Click on the image below to read the details of the 48" x 36" version. 



This map is meant for my cousin, Carolyn, when she comes to visit Pittsburgh while I'm in class. It shows a suggested route to my classroom, along with some detours along the way.

school map.png


For one week, I used the Sleep Cycle app to track the hours and quality of my sleep (as calculated by the app), in order to create this whimsical visualization. The blue/gray background is the final version, and the colorful bars was a draft. The colored bars, though attractive, were unnecessary and distracting, so I removed them in the final version. Some of my peers were also confused by the gray section (sleep index) in the middle, so in the final version, I used reorganized that information to be more obvious.

CMU@CHI 2014

For another professor and unrelated to the Mapping course, I designed this poster for the CHI conference to display all of Carnegie Mellon University's awards in 2014.